Baby Blue Spider Bundle


Baby Blue Spider Bundle

Bundle includes:

.5″+ M.Balfouri

1″ C. cyaneopubescens

.75″ E. cyanognathus

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Baby Blue Spider Bundle

Bundle includes:

.5"+ M.Balfouri

1" C. cyaneopubescens

.75" E. cyanognathus

This spider bundle includes three great species. Monocentropus balfouri, a beautiful blue and white old world that is known for being somewhat easy going. The Blue Fang Skeleton is a rainbow of colors. Pink legs with a green abdomen and carapace, and of course the blue fangs. Last but definitely not least is the Green Bottle Blue. This species will start out with pink legs and a tiger striped abdomen. Then turn into beautiful blue tarantulas with lots of attitude. This is a great deal out 198.99. Don't miss out on your chance to pick this group up!

Spiders can be purchased by themselves at these links

Green Bottle Blue:

Blue Fang Skeleton: 

Socotra Island Blue Baboon:


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